ASKO DFI666GXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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This fully integrated dishwasher, with four flexible baskets can fit up to 16 place settings.13 programs, 4 program modes and a low noise level, 38 dB(A), make it easy to find the right setting for perfectly clean dishes, every time – and anytime.Turbo Drying Express™ ensures the dishes are dry and cool with combination of fan forced drying and fan assisted evacuation of moisture.

Asko DFI666GXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher

  • Number of place settings: 16 pcs
  • Number of baskets: 4
  • Upper basket type: Exclusive - Basket wiring in steel, all pin rows foldable, divisble/foldable wine shelves, Light Lock™ for fastening lightweight items
  • Size: XXL, 860 mm high
  • Turbo Drying Express
  • Installation: Fully integrated
  • Range: Style
  • Energy stars: 3.5

A design that reveals ASKO’s inner values
ASKO dishwashers are made of steel. This has been a well-known fact for decades and when you open the door, you will see more steel than in any other dishwasher on the market. With our new generation of dishwashers we want to emphasise this fact even more. Take a look at the door and you will see only high-quality steel with no division between door and panel. It expresses itself as a sturdy and reliable machine, yet retains elegant, sleek and sophisticated lines stemming from the minimalism of the Scandinavian mindset.

Gracious Full-Size Steel Door
The new generation of dishwashers has a true full front with no division between door and panel. The front is made from a single piece of stainless steel plate and each corner is carefully folded and welded. Delicate tact switches in pure metal provide tactile feedback together with direct visual response in the tworow display.

Green mode
Green mode saves both water and energy. The temperature is lowered and each stage of the cycle is extended to save water and achieve the same perfect washing results as a normal program.

Speed mode
If you want your dishes ready faster, simply select speed mode to reduce the program time by 50%. To achieve the best possible washing results in the time available, more water and energy are used.

Intensive mode
Select this mode when you have dirty dishes with dried food. Intensive mode increases the spray arm pressure and more heat and water are used during the cycle.

Silent Night
For all of us who let the dishwasher work while we sleep, we have created night mode. With this mode the water pressure in the spray arms is lowered, reducing the noise level by as much as 2 dB compared to the tested value. This mode is also perfect for open plan solutions with seamless kitchen and living spaces.

Quick Pro Wash Explained
After starting and the first water intake, the water is heated to approximately 65°C and kept there for up to three hours. The washing cycle then starts from this pre-heated stand-by mode, enabling very short program times down to 15 minutes.

Flexibility and freedom to load what you want
Our exclusive upper baskets can be any way you want them. Place wine glasses in the folding and detachable wine glass holders. Put plates in the plate rack or fold down all the support and load the entire basket with gratin dishes. Fold up all the support once again and fill with just glasses. If you need more space in the baskets below, it can be raised up easily and then lowered again when you want to load taller objects.

Hygiene Program for deep cleaning
The hygiene program can be used for effective cleaning of baby bottles and other objects that can be good to keep extra clean. To prevent the growth of bacteria and remove odours from chopping boards, for example, we raise the temperature to 70°C in the main wash and final rinse programs. This is also ideal for thorough washing of jars for people who make their own jam or marmalade. The result is extra clean and hygienic.




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