ASKO T410HDW 10kg Logic Heat Pump Dryer


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Factory second. Brand new with Manufacturers Guarantee. May have a cosmetic blemish, not in original packaging. Instore inspection welcome.


ASKO dryers with sensor system will dry your clothes in shortest possible time and with lowest possible energy consumption.

Asko T410HD 10kg Logic Heat Pump Dryer


This energy-saving white heat pump tumble dryer from our Logic range has a sturdy and long-lasting construction with a stainless steel drum and a reliable brushless motor. Installation is easy since no ductwork is required and it is also suitable for confined spaces since the heat pump only requires a small amount of external air. It is easy to use and you can set different dryness levels with the auto programs, from completely dry to iron dry. 14 programs and various options will help you dry

Key Features:

  • 2 Year(s) Warranty
  • SensiDry™ dryer stops when clothes are dry
  • Soft Drum™ constructed to resist clothes tangling
  • Butterfly™ drying prevents clothes from bundling
  • Dryness level setting, anti-crease and low-temperature options

Product dimensions (HxWxD)

85 × 59,5 × 76,9 cm

Use the Airing option to freshen up your clothes or get rid of hair from your pets. Cool tumbling for any length of time can be used also for delicate garments.

ASKO tumble dryers have brushless motors to keep noise levels down even at the highest spinning speeds. The highly efficient long-life motors gives opportunities to develop new programmes – matching every need.

The heat pump dryer consumes only 0.24 kWh/kilo laundry. This combined with the Sensi Dry™ system and the Auto programs makes ASKO a good option for the environmental conscience customer.

By using the Auto Synthetic program with its lower temperature and shorter tumbling time, you will automatically take care of your blouses and shirts the right way.

The ASKO Sensi Dry™ system measures moisture in and around the machine. It also detects the amount and type of load to ensure as fast drying as possible.

The Silk & Wool program loosens up and refreshes wool and silk garments that have lost their original features. The gentle programme makes your garments last longer.



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