Beef Eater BBG1640DA 1600 Series Dark 4 Burner Built In BBQ with Free Trolley BTR1641DA


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Carton Damage. Fully inspected and confirmed to be in perfect condition. With Manufacturers Guarantee. Instore inspections welcome.


Cook up a feast for many for years to come on this spacious & durable cooktop. Made from cast iron, the cooking surface won't chip & is rust resistant, whilst heating quickly and evenly, holding its warmth for the best cooking experience. Keep an eye on what’s cooking without lifting the lid. Maintain heat using the built in temperature gauge or peer through the full width glass viewing window to check how those sausages or brisket are doing.

With cast iron burners and stainless-steel vaporisers, you have one of the most durable, flexible and efficient cooking systems available. Cast iron heats quickly, maintains consistency and lasts a very long time. With 17MJ of power in each burner, you can always turn the power down, giving you the choice in what you cook and how you cook it. And the stainless-steel vaporisers efficiently disperse the flames across the grill & plate surfaces whilst reducing those flare ups.


BeefEater BBG1640DA -1600 Series Dark 4 Burner Built In BBQ with Free Trolley


  • 15MJ Cast Iron Burners with Stainless Steel Vaporisers.
  • Double layer rollback hood with glass viewing window & temperature gauge.
  • Porcelain enamelled cast iron hotplate and grills.



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