CHiQ CBM394NSS 396L Bottom Mount Fridge


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Brand New. Original unopened packaging. Has full Manufacturers Guarantee


CHiQ CBM394NSS 396L Bottom Mount Fridge

  • Multi Air Flow System

  • Full Frost Free System

  • Electronic Control System

  • Humidity Control Fresh Crisper

  • Fast Cool Function

  • Reversible Door

CHiQ's efficient inverter system

The CHiQ super-efficient inverter system is quieter than traditional compressors, keeps your food fresher and saves on energy consumption.



This freezer features self-defrost. This helps to prevent ice build-up and saves you time from having to switch off the unit to manually defrost.


LED lighting

Strategically-placed LED lighting throughout the refrigerator brightens every corner to help you find what you need. LED lighting lasts longer and also emits less heat, making it more efficient than incandescent lighting.


Fast Cooling and Fast Freeze modes

Fast Cooling and Fast Freeze modes rapidly seals the freshness of stored items. This is handy when you have a large amount of groceries to put away, or if you want to optimally preserve your food.



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