CHiQ CBM230NS3 231L Bottom Mount Fridge


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Brand New. Original unopened packaging. Has full Manufacturers Guarantee.


CHiQ CBM230NS3 231L Bottom Mount Fridge 

Frost Free

The CHiQ Frost Free feature maintains the correct internal temperature for more effective food preservation meaning there is no need to manually defrost the unit.

Multi Air Flow 

The system ensures chilled air reaches each shelf quickly and uniformly to ensure the food will stay fresher for longer.

Electronic Temperature Control 

Inner Electronic Settings can be adjusted for optimal control of temperature and humidity, allowing food longer lasting freshness.

Fast Cool

Fast Cool mode quickly seals the freshness of stored items.

Reversible Door

This item comes as Right Hand Door opening. The design allows you to change to Left Hand opening if that best suits your needs. The installation kit to change the door is included. Interior

LED Light

LED lights are energy efficient and reduce heat output and provide lighting for a better internal view of your contents.



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