Electrolux PC91ANIMAT Pure C9 Animal Chili Red


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Spotless floors and pure air. Fully Sealed PureFlow™ system for superior performance and advanced filtration, effortlessly.

Electrolux PC91ANIMAT Pure C9 Animal - Chili Red

  • Easy-roll wheels
  • 1.6L Dustbin
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Sealed filtration system
  • 7-Stage filtration

Easy Empty™ system
Controlled emptying system that hygienically disposes of dust away from you.

Effortless maintenance
One access point for all filters for effortless maintenance.

Powerful suction
155km air speed ensures dust is efficiently collected.

Sealed filtration system
Tight seals throughout the entire system to minimise loss of suction whilst maximising filtration.

7-Stage filtration
Backed by the 3D fine dust and HEPA filter to ensure only clean air is released back into your home.



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