Electrolux ULX109 60cm White Silicon Appliance Mat


販売価格$55.00 通常価格$65.00

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Brand New. Original unopened packaging. Has full Manufacturers Guarantee.


  • Suitable for most brands - Suitable for most Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines, Dryers, Washer/Dryer Combos and Dishwashers
  • Anti-slip surface - The non-slip surface provides a practical solution to storing a laundry basket on top of your machine, whilst protecting the surface of your machine.
  • Protects your floors from damage - The resistant durable construction provides a cushioned surface that is moisture proof and heat resistant, providing padding and protection to your floors.
  • Reduce noise in your laundry or kitchen space - The mat surface is designed to absorb the vibration from your appliance during operation to reduce noise.



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