Emilia EM664GG 60cm Stainless Steel Fan Assisted GAS cooker


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With a 4 burner gas cooktop and fan assisted gas oven, Emilia has crafted a versatile cooker for those who appreciate the instant heat and cooking benefits of gas. With a high efficiency wok burner and oven that is quick and economical to run, this 60cm wide appliance includes a range of accessories and options.

 Emilia EM664GG 60cm Stainless Steel Fan Assisted GAS cooker


  • High efficiency wok burner
  • Titanium easy clean enamel
  • Off grid ready
  • Safety valve equipped
  • Digital clock and timer

67 LITRE FAN ASSISTED GAS OVEN Multifunction with the option of fan assistance or static functions. Closed door electric grilling.

HIGH EFFICIENCY WOK BURNER Featuring the latest in wok burner design. Uses less gas for more efficient heat distribution.

TITANIUM EASY CLEAN ENAMEL The low porosity of the titanium enamel stops residue sticking making the oven interior easier to clean.

OFF GRID READY Electricity consumption is one percent of equivalent electric ovens making it ideal for homes on solar power. The oven is able to operate during a black out and a full LPG conversion kit is included.

SAFETY VALVE EQUIPPED If for any reason the burner flame extinguishes the gas stops flowing. The gas will not flow until the burner has been ignited.

DIGITAL CLOCK AND TIMER Shows the time of day and can be used to time the cooking cycle with an audible beep at the end.



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