Kelvinator KWH27CRF 2.7kW Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner


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This Kelvinator 2.7kW window-wall air conditioner will effectively cool your room, no matter what the weather outside is dishing out. This 2.7kW model would suit a small bedroom or study.

Air swing ensures cool air is effectively distributed throughout your space. In addition to cooling, this unit can also provide dehumidification to further improve comfort levels. To enhance air quality, the filter removes dust and other larger airborne particles, so you can breathe easy. This compact unit offers four speed settings, including automatic, so whether you’re fighting the high heat of early afternoon, or want a relaxing night’s sleep, you’ll be covered. Using the handy remote control, you can set the air conditioner to sleep mode, program the 24-hour timer, and adjust your temperature settings.

Built for the harsh Australian conditions, this unit is corrosion-resistant to ensure longevity and performance.



Kelvinator KWH27CRF -2.7kW Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner



  • Cooling only air conditioner .
  • Remote control.
  • Auto swing.
  • Sleep mode.



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