Westinghouse WHG639BD -60cm 3 Burner Gas Cooktop


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Carton Damage. Fully inspected and confirmed to be in perfect condition. With Manufacturers Guarantee. Instore inspections welcome.


Westinghouse Gas cooktops, Enjoy peace of mind with our ceramic glass gas cooktops. Ceramic glass can withstand higher temperatures, which means it's safer for you and your family.
Westinghouse cast iron trivets flat design ensures the base of your pots and pans are fully supported, allowing you to have a safer and more stable cooking environment.
Use high heat to lock in the flavor of your dishes. With durable brass caps and 19 MJ/h you can bring your wok to high heat with even flame distribution. Spice up your cooking and spice up your life.


Westinghouse WHG639BD -60cm 3 Burner Gas Cooktop


  • 3 Cooking Zones
  • Dual Valve flame control: lets you go from a boil to a simmer in an instant.
  • Cast Iron Trivets



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