Whirlpool AKT809BA 60cm 4 Zone Radiant Electric Ceramic Cooktop Hob


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Carton Damage. Fully inspected and confirmed to be in perfect condition. Has Manufacturers Guarantee. Instore inspections welcome.


A sleek and modern 4-Zone Radiant 60cm Cooktop that delivers stylish aesthetics and superior cooking performance. Features premium bevelled edges and an elegant black ceran surface that is easy to clean.


Made in Italy

Whirlpool AKT809BA 60cm 4 Zone Radiant Electric Ceramic Cooktop Hob


  • Eco-FriendlyGlass Ceramics:Our induction hobs are manufactured using eco-friendly SCHOTT CERAN glass ceramic panels, a testament to our sustainability policy. These very attractive panels do not contain heavy metals (arsenic and antimony) and are thereby hygienically superior, environmentally friendly, recyclable and safer due to lack of toxic chemical emission.
  • Made InItaly:These premium appliances are made in Whirlpool's Italian factory combining the highest standards of European technology and design.
  • HeatIndicators:As an added safety precaution, all Whirlpool ceramic hobs have residual heat indicators on each zone to alert you when a zone is still hot.


Residual Heat Indicators.

As long as the element is hot a light will continue to glow. This safety feature will lessen the chance of accidently buring yourself.


key lock

The Key Lock function locks the hob’s other functions, with the expection of the On/Off button. The function remains on even after the hob is switched off to prevent any accidents.


6th SENSE™ technology will make your recipe great everytimer

For an innovative and simplified cooking experience. Just choose a dish and the innovative 6th SENSE™ technology does the rest, automatically adjusting time, temperature, and humidity settings to ensure perfect results time after time. With the 6th SENSE™ sensors and an exciting choice of exclusive options, consumers can whip up the perfect meal while enjoying an unparalleled intuitive experience. 



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