Whirlpool WB3260IUXX 290L Bottom-Mount Fridge-Freezer Stainless Steel


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This no-frost refrigerator maintains ideal temperature and humidity, while removing the need to defrost. Your food will remain fresh longer and this modern refrigerator will take less time and effort to clean. The quality designed interior features aluminium glass trimmed shelves create a beautiful aesthetic, while the superior space management and adaptive control technology ensures perfect temperature, humidity control and long-lasting freshness.

Whirlpool WB3260IUXX 290L Bottom-Mount Fridge-Freezer Stainless Steel


  • Adaptive Intelligence Technology
  • Intellisense Inverter Technology
  • Radial Cooling Technology
  • Vitamin preservation freshness
  • Microblock Technology
  • No Frost
  • Internal UI



  • 632mm W
  • 1691mm H
  • 717mm D


Adaptive Intelligence Technology

With Microprocessors and multiple Intelli Sensors, the advanced AI technology, adapts the cooling based on load, door opening frequency, seasonal and outside temperature variations which ensures perfect temperature, humidity control and long-lasting freshness.


Intellisense Inverter Technology

The advanced Intellisense inverter technology-inverter compressor adjusts the compressor speed in real-time to give you faster cooling. It saves energy every day and is built for long-lasting performance.


Radial Cooling Technology

The 3D airflow with a scientifically designed air tower, strategically placed vents, and air boosters, circulates cold air uniformly in a circular manner. The cold air doesn’t hit food items directly, thereby minimizing the moisture loss and keeping the food items fresh for longer.


Freshness Technology

With Vitamin Preservation Technology, it will prevent excessive ripening of fruit and vegetables by absorbing ethylene emission; With the unique Microblock technology prevents up to 99% bacterial growth ensuring that fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.


5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Guarantees peace of mind and value for money knowing that any product fault or defect is covered by replacement parts and/or a service call to ensure the product works as described.



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