Hisense HDFY90H 9kg Heat Pump Dryer
Carton Damage
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The Hisense PureJet Dryer features Power Airflow technology that creates a highly energy efficient drying system that has enough power to tackle the toughest drying jobs. With an intuitive, user-friendly design, selecting modes and functions is really easy. From Anti Crease to Allergy Care, everything is intended to make the drying process the most hygienic and hassle free process possible. Despite its powerful performance, the Hisense PureJet Dryer is designed to be gentler on clothes, which means garments never come out tangled and instances of shrinkage are significantly less.

Hisense HDFY90H 9kg Heat Pump Dryer 


  • 9 Star energy efficiency rating
  • Drying rack included
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 15 Drying programs
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Heat Pump Technology

Hisense’s Heat pump technology utilises lower drying temperatures than a standard vented dryer, protecting clothes from damage while providing high quality drying and maximising the use of energy.


Power Airflow

With an industry-leading 5 air outlets and air volume extraction of 259m³/h, the Hisense Heat Pump Dryer swiftly removes unwanted particulates more effectively as well as shortening drying time.


30 Minute Power Dry

Hisense‘s Power Dry 30’ saves you both time and energy. Within just 30 minutes, you can achieve the same excellent laundry results as regular drying programs on a small load of clothes but in much less time*.

*For light loads of 0.5kg



A flexible drying rack lets you utilise your drying space freely. Shoes, plush toys, and clothes made of delicate fabrics can be placed on the FlexRack and gently dried without having to tumble around the drum.


High-Capacity Drum

Hisense’s industry leading 125L drum, working in concert with our 5 air vents, easily and efficiently allows you to dry even the largest loads by allowing air to easily flow between clothes, minimising drying time.


Reverse Tumble

Thanks to the counter-rotation of the drum, clothes can be reversed 360° in the drum to provide even drying results and prevent tangling.


Auto Dry

With built-in high-precision sensors that continuously monitor residual moisture and temperature, Auto Dry automatically adjusts drying times to save time and energy while avoiding damage to clothing.


Refresh Program

Perfect for lightly worn laundry, the Refresh program circulates heated air to remove unpleasant odours, which also makes this program incredibly energy efficient. You can choose the cycle time at 5, 10 or 15 minutes, all at your convenience.


Allergy Care

Protect your skin with the Allergy Care function which uses the power of hot air and a longer drying cycle to effectively remove allergens, thus minimising skin irritation from your clothes, making them safe and pleasant to wear.


Anti-Crease Function

The Anti-Crease technology leaves clothes feeling soft and smooth, with almost no need for ironing. Through drum rotation and power air flow, your clothes will be left soft and wrinkle-free. 


Multiple Filtration

Hisense dryers include multiple high-density filters that allow thorough extraction of residual particles, which provides cleaner laundry results while protecting the condenser and increasing longevity.



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