Whirlpool DSCR80320 8kg Condenser Dryer
  • Whirlpool condenser Dryer featuring 6th SENSE, FreshCare, SteamCare and Soft Move drum. Made in Europe.

    Whirlpool DSCR80320 8kg Condenser Dryer

    Key Features:

    • 5 Year Warranty
    • 6th Sense Technology Adapts the Cycle to the Load and Adjusts the Drying Times
    • SteamCare
    • Soft Move Drum
    • Keylock
    • Start Dela

    Whirlpool 8kg 6th SENSE Dryer White DSCR80320

    A particularly large 121L drum featuring Whirlpool’s patented CAREss DRUM technology with crossed finger lifters that ensure your clothes are dried gently and effectively. This condenser dryer has a water tank that stores moisture and facilitates an impeccably dry result at the end of your selected program.

    ZEN Technology

    ZEN Technology has been developed to reduce noise and vibrations that arise during washing. A direct drive Sense Inverter Motor offers ongoing superior performance with operation quiet enough to operate without disruption day or night.

    6th SENSE Intelligence

    6th SENSE technology empowers appliances to sense the humidity levels within the drum, subsequently adapting cycle duration and temperature. This results in a reduced average cycle time as clothes is dried only as long as necessary, rather than over drying or wasting energy.


    SteamCare technology softens fabric with the help of a steam infusion at the end of the drying cycle. The quick steam refreshes clothing, eradicates any lingering odours and makes fabrics less wrinkly and easier to iron.


    This unique feature customises drum movements for tailored, gentle care of your garments.

    Start Delay

    The dryer can be programmed to begin its cycle at a later, more convenient time. A delay timer also means you can select periods of the day that offer lower electricity rates.



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