Westinghouse WMF4505GA -45L countertop microwave oven

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Introducing the Westinghouse 45L dark grey countertop microwave oven with advanced Inverter technology. With its 1100W power, touch and dial control, and auto-return turntable, this microwave ensures delicious results every time. Our innovative Inverter technology guarantees even heating, precise cooking, and safe defrosting, making your meals perfect with every use. Moreover, it's highly energy efficient and cooks faster compared to non-inverter microwaves. Designed with seamless elegance, this microwave complements your kitchen perfectly. Its touch control panel and easy-to-use knob provide a simple and stylish experience. The durable and long-lasting control panel ensures a reliable performance for years to come. When you're in a hurry and need to reheat something quickly, our quick start function comes to the rescue. With just a press of a button, it automatically adds 30 seconds to your cooking time, simplifying the quick heat-ups. Safety and convenience go hand in hand with the position-memory feature. Once the microwave finishes its cycle, the turntable resets to its original position, ensuring that your mug or plate is exactly where you placed it. Say goodbye to guesswork with our pre-defined set of Auto Menus. These menus are tailored to cook specific foods like popcorn, soup, and pasta. They automatically select the correct power level and cooking time, making microwave cooking easier and more precise than ever.


Westinghouse WMF4505GA -45L countertop microwave oven


  • 45L dark grey countertop microwave oven,
  • Inverter,
  • 1100W power,
  • touch and dial control, 
  • auto-return turntable.





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