AEG FSE73800RO 600mm Fully Integrated Dishwasher with ComfortRails

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Quickly and thoroughly clean your dishes without the danger of damaging your dining ware with the AEG 600mm Fully Integrated Dishwasher with ComfortRails.

AEG FSE73800RO -600mm Fully Integrated Dishwasher with ComfortRails

  • Ultimate tough cleaning - Get exceptional results with SprayZone function that activates a dedicated area specially designed for dishes with tough stains and food residue. The intensive cleaning treatment with high water pressure in the dedicated area ensures the removal of even the most stubborn stains and residues without pre-rinsing or soaking.
  • Optimise time, energy and water - AutoSense detects soil level and load size and adjusts settings accordingly to deliver an optimised wash program for the load. This delivers incredible cleaning performance, whilst in turn, it's more efficient on energy, water, and time.
  • Stay up to date - TimeBeam projects a countdown to the end of the program or the countdown of the delay start onto the floor below the dishwasher so that you can easily see how much time is left before unloading.
  • Dare to use every kitchen tool - The MaxiFlex drawer is designed to fit cutlery and utensils of all shapes and sizes. Its increased depth offers greater capacity in each load. Whether large or awkwardly-shaped, the customisable dividers and deep drawer mean everything can be loaded with ease.
  • Reach every corner - The ProClean powerful, double rotating satellite spray arm, with 5 spray levels, sprays from continuously varying angles ensuring maximum water coverage over your entire load for an immaculate wash result.
  • Gentle on dishes - With ComfortRails you can smoothly slide the basket into place without any rattle of the dishes meaning you never have to worry about damaged glasses again. Always smooth to load and unload.
  • The door to automatic drying - AirDry technology lets you maximise your drying performance with natural airflow. The door automatically opens up to 10cm when the cycle is complete. It dries your dishes naturally meaning spotless, cared-for glasses every time.



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